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Applying to InterAmerican Academy

Dear Prospective Parents,

We warmly welcome your family to InterAmerican Academy.   We appreciate your interest in applying to our school.

Click HERE to download the list of requirements and steps to start your application process.

If you have further questions about the admissions process, requirements, and fees, please contact our Admissions department: click HERE and make sure to select the Admissions & Tour option in the subject line.  

Contact us through +593 3713360 ext 213 or our WhatsApp chat +593 98 081 3050.

*Our working ours are from Monday to Thursday from 8am to 3:30pm and Friday to 3pm.
  Our Summer Schedule is from Monday to Thursday from 8am to 12pm.

IAA use North American Grade Scale 
(see chart below)




Nursery 2


Nursery 3





Primero Básico

Grade 1

Segundo Básico

Grade 2

Tercero Básico

Grade 3

Cuarto Básico

Grade 4

Quinto Básico

Grade 5

Sexto Básico

Grade 6

7mo Básico

Grade 7

8avo Básico

Grade 8

9eno Básico

Grade 9

10mo Básico

Grade 10

1ero Bachillerato

Grade 11

2do Bachillerato

Grade 12

3ero Bachillerato

*IAA's cut off day is August 31st.

Nursery 2 → two years of age by August 31st
Nursery 3 → three years of age by August 31st
Pre Kinder → four years of age by August 31st
Kinder → five years of age by August 31st
Grade 1 → six years of age by August 31st
Grade 2-8 → Student are evaluated according to their age and academic level to determine placement.
Grade 9-12 → In addition to age and academic level, English Proficiency, Math placement and transfer credits will be considered for grade placement.