SPECIAL PROGRAMS | Education Without Frontiers Program

At the InterAmerican Academy (IAA), our mission is to prepare well-rounded, adaptive, critical-thinking students with twenty-first Century as well as life-long learning skills, to be active participants in the improvement of society. To support the development of such critical individuals and life-long learners, IAA offers an Education without Frontiers approach through memorable trips outside of the secondary school classroom. These trips are structured to spark and maintain the curiosity in youth regarding many subject areas of study.  The educational rationale of our Education without Frontiers initiative requires that IAA, at the secondary school level, should offer (whenever possible) in-campus as well as out of campus educational experiences for students to engage in learning. Through these off/on-campus, lived-experiences, the students travel, through memorable school-structured trips, with clear and precise, subject(s)-driven educational objective(s).

IAA, at the secondary school level, promotes participation of all students to accrue lived-experiences that can enhance their understanding of different cultures, traditions, and beliefs. Our EwF initiative allows student to be exposed to practices or to generate interest in different languages. Our initiative allows the students to be placed in different situations that promote decision-making skills as well as promote the development of student networks for future growth. All of these experiences must also be fun, engaging, and interesting for the students and their peers. The students end these trips/experiences by gaining a broader perspective of our Global community and its needs. Students also become aware of how each individual has a role in shaping the future of our next generations.

The philosophy of Education without Frontiers (EwF) recommends for all secondary students at IAA to participate in these memorable trips, sponsored by IAA, and accrue experiences to instill passion and curiosity for specific areas of learning. In this fashion, students will have a more genuine opportunity to develop their curiosity into a life-long commitment, and perhaps pursue a career in it. Educational research has shown that universities seek individuals who are independent critical thinkers. Colleges also seek students who have maintained an active travel life for educational purposes that allowed them to discover and generate academic interest in their passion within a specific learning field.  Having these memorable trips can support students in ensuring a best-fit at their university of choice as well as generate a passion for their chosen field or profession. 

Revised and adopted August 1, 2017.
Administrative Council Committee.