Technology Department 

At IAA we enhance the technology program and improve the learning experience of our students by providing support to achieve the goals of the different curriculum/areas.

As part of our educational technology program, We focus on the backbone of the different infrastructure services, this way the students and teacher can navigate in a safe environment.  The tools or services we provide are:
BYOD (Bring your own devices), Impero Filter, technical support
Fiber optical infrastructure
CCTV system
Google suit (Calendar, gmail account, drive) 
Plus portals
Cafeteria Soft
Laptop and kindle Card
PA system (drills)
ISP(level 3, claro)

We provide support to every project around the school (Solar system, 3d printer, drone, lego robot) to keep these devices current and obtain the best learning resources to fulfil the student’s needs.

The technology skills are one of the biggest resources in any successful academic and professional career, and the best learned in context of other courses or classes.  Our goal is to be part of their development through the enhanced of the curriculum with a continuous support to our staff members, instead of isolated technology class or computer lab.