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Director of Safety /Security
Stark, Guy


Guy William Stark
Director of School Safety for Inter-American Academy
Qualification Summary

1. Education –
a. Associate of Science Degree in The Administration of Justice – Scottsdale Community College - Graduated Cum Laude
i. A degree in The Administration of Justice cover criminology, ethics and crime control and law topics.  This degree leads to careers in law enforcement, forensics or law.  Law enforcement is the primary focus of the curriculum.
b. Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies – Arizona State University - Graduated Cum Laude
i. The Justice Studies Degreed program is an interdisciplinary curriculum that engages in critical analysis of justice issues. Core classes focus on theory and empirical research that addresses the relationship between law, justice, the justice system, and society. Electives address a number of more specialized and topical justice-related issues.
c. Juris Doctorate of Law – Southwestern University School of Law
i. While this Degree is intended for a legal career as an Attorney, numerous courses were in the fields of Criminal Law and Forensic Science. 

2. Military Background – 
a. While I am not at liberty to discuss much of my military background, it should be noted that I maintained a Top Secret clearance and served as a diver for eight and a half years.  During this time, I supervised both diving and hyperbaric chamber operations, utilizing a team of divers, often in adverse and hazardous situations.  In this capacity, I developed the ability to anticipate, predict, and adapt to situations where I was required to use sufficient means to deal with whatever was presented to me.

3. Specific Employment Experience – 
a. Departmental Manager for a major department store – As a manager I interviewed and investigated both, new employees and disciplinary matters.  In this position I worked closely with the fraud prevention department dealing with and preventing acts of misconduct.
b. Case Worker for the Los Angeles County Department of Social Services – In this capacity I worked with a heavy caseload of individual making claims for social welfare.  In an environment dealing with high levels of welfare fraud, it was required of me to investigate, identify, and evaluate individuals attempting to take advantage of the County welfare system.
c. Departmental Manager for a County Government office – In this role I established policy and again, interviewed and investigated both, new employees and disciplinary matters.  This position required an ability to deal with Unionized Employees in a supervisory and disciplinary fashion.
d. Teacher at International schools – I believe that my experience teaching has given me a unique perspective when it comes to the role of Head of Security for an International Private School.  It allows me the ability to adapt, empathize, and evaluate situations in an educational environment.
e. Currently, as the Director of School Safety and Security, I am responsible for oversight of campus security/safety by - Supervising a security staff of five individuals; Overseeing safety aspects of student related events on and off campus; Overseeing monthly safety drills for safety preparedness; Conduct routine safety and security inspections on campus; Maintaining contact between IAA and local law enforcement, as well as US Consulate Security Personnel; Conduct training of IAA Staff and Security personnel; Liaison for press releases regarding campus safety and security;  Ensure the safe student entry and exit onto IAA’s campus; Oversees the on campus Security Council meetings; and Other aspect that arises daily in performance of Safety/Security duties.